November 17 - December 14
Public Reception: Saturday, November 17, 1pm-4pm

For five generations, Lynda Lynn’s family has lived in Muskoka. “When someone is born somewhere, or has been young in a particular place, one knows that part of the world better than any other and is more attached to it than any other,” says Lynda who was born and raised in Bracebridge.  

Using paintings and old family photographs, All Around the Town is about feelings, recollections as well as present day representations that have shaped Lynda’s life personally and as an artist. “This show represents both contemporary scenes from around town from unique viewpoints that visitors wouldn’t necessarily see along with scenes from earlier years,” remarks Lynda. “I hope to take viewers on a journey through Bracebridge that covers a significant span of our history, not just from a visual point of view but from an emotional one as well.”  

Through her paintings, Lynda hopes to encourage people to look at Bracebridge and, in particular, to think about how to make it as beautiful as it can and to instill pride in where we live along with the motivation to do something to preserve its beauty and history.  

When painting, Lynda works from sketches done on location. “I don’t like to work from photographs because they distort perspective, but I do like to have them for reference,” explain Lynda who sometimes will work en plein air. Back in the studio, Lynda begins a painting by sketching the image onto paper or canvas. Next comes choosing a colour palette which is based upon the feelings that Lynda’ wants to capture. “Although I love colour and have hundreds of tubes of paint, I prefer to limit each one to just a few tubes or jars of paint so my paintings are usually not the actual colour of the object but a portrayal of how I’ll use them to express a mood in the painting. Once this is done, I put away all but the chosen few and get to work,” says Lynda.  

Over the years, Lynda has become more entranced with abstraction. “This can be more difficult than representation art as it requires much concentration on the elements that make a good painting,” explains Lynda. “Because of this, I think that this exploration has made my more representational work better. I’m more aware of the overall patterns in a work and don’t get hung up in the little details.”  

Lynda was always encouraged by her family to paint. “Although there were no art classes here, Robert Everett loaned me his art books and talked to me about his work,” states Lynda. When working in Toronto during her 20s, Lynda was able to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design. Education that was more formal was obtained at the Sheffield School of Interior Design, Georgian College, Nipissing University and Sir Sandford Fleming College along with workshops from various well-known artists.  

Throughout her professional life, Lynda has held a number of different jobs with Bell Canada, Corning Glass, a freelance graphic designer, running her own store – the Gingerbread House then in real estate as an appraiser and broker. Now retired, Lynda is painting full-time.  

Many things inspire Lynda. “Sometimes it is the memory of something when I see an object,” explains Lynda. “I love flowers so trying to capture them in a still life is a delight. I care about our water and keeping it healthy and that led me to explore what keeps it healthy and try to help educate others about this through my painting. I’m now finding that trees are figuring prominently in my observations around the town and love the quiet forests we have here.”  

Lynda’s artistic goal is to keep improving and pushing the boundaries of her art.  

All Around the Town opens with a public reception on Saturday, November 17 between 1pm to 4pm.

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