Why was Muskoka declared a
Designated Arts Community?
Artists have long been drawn to Muskoka’s inspiring environment. Over the years, they have created a dynamic and diversified artistic community. The arts designation came out of a strong belief by Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc. that arts and culture are important to making a community stronger by contributing to the economy of a community and the quality of life of its citizens.
When did it happen? In April of 2008, Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc. approached the District Municipality of Muskoka with the idea of making the area a Designated Arts Community. On April 28, District Council adopted the resolution.
What does this designation mean? The arts designation recognizes the importance of the arts community in Muskoka. The arts designation is an innovative tool to attract attention both within and outside our region to the strength and vitality of our artistic legacy, our current artistic community and our artistic future.
Who will benefit from this arts designation? Everyone who lives in Muskoka will benefit. Declaring Muskoka a Designated Arts Community is a positive and exciting step in building a strong, year-round, diverse economic base for people living in Muskoka by attracting tourists, businesses and new residents.
Who is Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc.
and why did they ask for this
arts designation?
Established in 1963, Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc. is one of Ontario’s oldest non-profit visual arts organizations. With a growing membership of over 380 people, its mandate is to foster an environment in Muskoka where artists thrive, learn, build lengthy careers and choose to live here. Through year-round events and programs, the organization creates opportunities for the people of Muskoka to engage in creative pursuits and works with the community to help develop Muskoka’s reputation as a rich, innovative, invigorating and culturally vibrant area.
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