Armishaw, Jim   
Chip carved clocks, anniversary plates, jewellery boxes and more.
Campbell, Marilyn
A multi-media artist who expresses her ideas and life experiences through wood carving, textiles and photography.  
de Lang, John
Authentic wood carvings of songbirds and other wildfowl reflect John's keen love of nature. The intricate feathering, subtle shading, and artistic mounts have captured top awards for his art at national and international competitions. John's work is displayed at Wood's End Studio in southern Muskoka.
Hill, Wayne
Wayne Hill is a lifelong woodcarver who has carved over 300 totem poles and masks in the West Coast style. The recipient of many awards, Wayne is the author of Carve Your Own Totem Pole.
Markham, Brian
Inspired by the beauty of the forest, Brian Markham finds the work of art within the wood. As burls, local and exotic woods are turned on his lathe, the natural colour and grain are revealed for each unique creation. He designs handcrafted bowls, platters and hollow vessels to grace your table or add to your collection of natural art.
Smith, Don
Don's carvings range from highly detailed pieces which accurately portray songbirds, birds of prey and waterfowl, to more whimsical, stylized works which suggest rather than capture an exact likeness.
Thur, Don
Don celebrates the advancement of native craft by transforming burls to useful vessels, from pioneer homesteads to the modern studio. The shape of the burl demands attention to the smallest detail of graining, the wood dictating to a large degree what the artisan can manipulate and what must be left to its own curious design. 
Turnbull, Andrea
A passion for the past inspires Andrea to carve birds, animals and objects. Inspiration is drawn from many sources such as nature or 18th and 19th century folk art. Often her carvings incorporate antique or found items. Mixing the old with new ideas is an interesting challenge and allows Andrea to use her imagination and sense of humour.

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