In 2014, the Board of Directors established the Best in Show awards for the Summer Show as a way to recognize the excellence of our Summer Show artists. The awards are based on two factors that are key for success in any art and craft show: product and presentation. 


When Marie-JoŽl Turgeon received an old oven and a potterís wheel as a teenager, she was hooked. After graduating with a BFA from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Marie-JoŽl decided to pursue a career as a potter. With her partner, Jordan Lentink, the couple is the creative force behind Atelier Trťma. The pieces designed by Atelier Trema are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, inspired by everything related to the sea, the east coast of the United States and its fishermen, colours, the effect of salt, sand and sun, and the objects found on the waterfront. The clay they use for ceramics is a unique gray color, the result of a mixture of colours from a recipe of their own. The couple offers a range of unique and practical utilitarian objects, objects we use every day: beautiful latte bowls and soup, large fruit baskets and pitchers equipped with boat rope handles, round and oval plates, cheese trays, cruets, maple syrup pots, and decorative objects for the home and outdoors.

BARRY McNINCH - Award of Excellence

Barry transforms old metal castoffs into clever works of art. This was Daniel's first year exhibiting at Muskoka Arts & Crafts' Summer Show.  

STEVE & KIM PROKOPOWICH - Award of Excellence

Steve and Kim Prokopowich are the husband and wife team behind studio50, a custom furniture and house wares gallery with a focus on creating beautiful and usable art. The couple use locally sourced hardwoods, concrete and steel in their designed and meticulously handcrafted pieces that have an organic, urban and industrial vibe.

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