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MAC Presents En Plein Air Group – Hosted

Do you enjoy painting outdoors? If so you should join this group! Please review the dates and locations shown on the poster!
En plein air, a French phrase meaning “in the open air,” describes the process of painting a landscape outdoors, though the phrase has also been applied to the resulting works. The term defines both a simple technical approach and a whole artistic credo: of truth to sensory reality, a refusal to mythologize or fictionalize landscape, and a commitment to the idea of the artist as creative laborer rather than exulted master. Painting in the open air is recorded as far back as the Renaissance, but it was generally done in preparation for studio painting; only in the nineteenth century, through the cumulative efforts of artists such as John Constable, Camille Corot, and Claude Monet, did painting en plein air come to stand for the ethos of modernity and fidelity to nature which it still implies
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Jul 26 2022 - Oct 11 2022