In Muskoka we have the rocks, we have the lakes, we have the trees ... and we have the artists.
Hilary Clark Cole, AOCAD

Along with the natural beauty, Muskoka’s vibrant arts community has made the area a destination of choice for visitors throughout the year.

Artists have long been drawn to Muskoka’s peaceful and inspiring environment and over the years, they have created a dynamic and diversified artistic community that thrives in the area’s small towns and villages.

Muskoka has a rich artistic legacy. It is home to one of Ontario’s oldest annual outdoor art shows, Canada first studio tour and a century old heritage theatre.

Building on that rich tradition, Muskoka is now home to a multitude of galleries that showcase artwork by local, regional and international artists. In the spring, summer and fall, studio tours take place and attract thousands of people to local studios each year. Music festivals charmingly keep toes tapping throughout the year. Art groups flourish and provide residents and visitors alike with a variety of exciting year-round events and programmes. Art and craft shows abound in parks, community centres and downtown streets.  Theatres thrive with home grown groups and headline acts. To this mix, add the individual writers, actors, musicians and dancers who add their talents to the local cultural scene.

The artistic future for Muskoka shines brightly as each generation adds their creativity, imagination and vision.

Muskoka’s arts scene is a community of creative individuals and organizations that keep the arts at the forefront of life in Muskoka and contribute to the area in ways that are tangible and beautiful.

On April 28, 2008, following a recommendation by Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc., the District Municipality of Muskoka declared Muskoka as a Designated Arts Community.

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