Summer Show

COVID-19 Notice

Muskoka Arts & Crafts is committed to hosting the 2021 in a safe manner and will be adhering to all directives from the federal, provincial, municipal and town governments as well as the public health unit. Information on show format and application forms will be available soon.

Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ annual Summer Show is the area’s oldest and largest outdoor art show. Set in the beautiful Annie Williams Memorial Park, the Summer Show features hundreds of creative artists from across Canada
Approximately 18,000 enthusiastic people visit the Summer Show each year to meet the makers and see their work. All of the work presented at the Summer Show is handmade by the artists and is one-of-a-kind work of the highest quality.

The Summer Show is a major fundraiser for Muskoka Arts & Crafts, a not-for-profit, com­munity-based arts organization. Proceeds support the organization’s annual programs and events. Muskoka Arts & Crafts does not receive operational funding from local, provincial or federal governments.


The Summer Show is host to 200 exhibitors, who ensure the Show is a must-see summer event.

Interested in becoming an exhibitor or food vendor? Check out our Exhibitor Information Page or Food Vendor Information Page to learn more.

Dates & Hours

Friday, July 16, 2021
10 am–6 pm

Saturday, July 17, 2021
10 am–6 pm

Sunday, July 18, 2021
10 am–4 pm


Annie Williams Memorial Park, located at 50 Santa’s Village Road, just down from Wellington Street in Bracebridge, Ontario


Admission to the Summer Show is by cash donation. Muskoka Arts & Crafts is a registered not-for-profit visual arts organization that raises all its own operating funds. Your donation goes to support the organization.


Parking is available inside Annie Williams Memorial Park. 

Accessible parking spots are located at Gate 1. If all spots are filled and you need accessible parking, please let staff at the Information Booth, Gate 1 know and we will find you a suitable parking space.

Additional Parking

Additional parking is also available:

  • On selected side streets (Dill Street, Spadina Avenue and Brofoco Drive)
  • At the Wellington Street Pentecostal Church located at 38 Wellington Street on Friday and Saturday
  • At Georgian College, at 111 Wellington Street and Dewy Institute at 125 Wellington Street for the duration of the show


Dine en plein air at the Food Court. If you have special dietary needs, please pack your lunch.

An ATM is located beside the Information Booth at Gate 1.

The Information Booth, located at Gate 1, is the place to bring your questions. It is also home to the show’s lost and found, basic first aid services, and help in emergencies.


The food court at the Summer Show features food vendors from across Muskoka and beyond. In an effort to provide visitors with a variety of options, Muskoka Arts & Crafts asks that those interested in becoming a food vendor complete our Food Vendor Application Form.

Plan Your Visit

Dress for the weather
The Summer Show is an outdoor event, open rain or shine. Please remember to dress according to the weather, wear a hat and bring your sunscreen. In the event that a weather emergency requires the show to close, three blasts of an air horn will sound at which point visitors are asked to return to their cars and leave the park in an orderly manner. If lightning occurs, do not stand under trees, tents or hold onto tent poles. After the storm has passed, you are welcome to return to the Summer Show.
Dogs at the Summer Show

You may bring your dog to the show (please don’t leave your pup in a hot vehicle). However, all dogs must be kept on a short leash. The “poop and scoop” rule applies to dogs at the park and Muskoka Arts & Crafts reserves the right to ask any patron to remove his/her dog if it causes a disturbance at the show.

Safe and respectful environment

Muskoka Arts & Crafts is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for everyone. The Summer Show is a place where human rights are respected and where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two spirit and queer people and their friends and allies are welcomed and supported. Aggressive or intimidating behavior, harassment or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and anyone engaging in this type of behaviour may be refused service and/or asked to leave. If you witness any aggressive or intimidating behaviour, immediately report all incidents to the Executive Director at the Information Booth at Gate 1.

Smoke-free event
The Summer Show is a smoke-free and vaping-free event. Please respect that smoking and vaping are not permitted in the show area, within 20 meters of the playground or food court or at any of the picnic tables as these are considered as pop-up patios. If you wish to smoke or vape, please use the parking areas, however, please do not discard your cigarette butts on the ground, as this is a park used by the community.

Bracebridge has many options for overnight accommodation. Please visit Muskoka Tourism and the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce for a list of hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and campgrounds.

Become a Vendor

Take part in Muskoka’s most popular, largest and longest running outdoor art and craft show. Exhibitors from Muskoka, Ontario and other regions of Canada display their work in a beautiful park setting to a keen audience who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the arts.