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Marguerite Webster, MAC lifetime member

Marguerite Webster


Marguerite Webster is a painter and also a delightful storyteller. Ask about her paintings and you’ll inevitably hear about spiders or ducks hatching during a dinner party, or the exciting rescue of some fugitive guinea pigs—all colourful stories related to her experiences as an artist. Her paintings, like her stories, reveal a tranquility, a joyful spontaneity, and a reverence for the natural world. Working with oils, watercolours, pencils, and pastels, Marguerite depicts images from the world around her—images of flowers, trees, animals, and rocks.

As a child, Marguerite always drew and painted and she attended Saturday morning classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Later, marriage, and five children, curtailed Marguerite’s painting for a time, but in the mid-1960s she embarked on a three-year correspondence course which provided training in oil, watercolour, drawing, composition and technique. Marguerite’s work has been seen over the years in the Brown Baggers’ exhibits and her tireless energy as a volunteer is always in evidence at our shows.