Blair Mueller Art


I’m a self-taught finger painting artist from Muskoka, Ontario.

Yes, that’s right, I do most of my work using nothing but my fingers! My artwork is always an evolving and experimental process. Currently, in 2023, I’m playing around with brushes again, for the first time in 10 years. I like to go with the flow rather than force myself to stick to one style or technique. Right now, I’m doing artwork that’s fully finger painted, pieces that are done using just a brush or two, and in some cases I’m creating art that uses a bit of both.

I paint subjects from the animal kingdom, as well as pet portraits, and anything else that tickles my fancy! I have a tendency to go on tangents where I dip into my love of film and TV for inspiration.


Cotton Candy Skies
Oh Deer!
Midnight Snack Time
The Calm Before The Howl
Star Gazer
Splashing Through Life
Wondering Wanderer
Skinny Dipping