Hinterglas is a traditional European technique in which the artist paints on the reverse side of the glass. The earliest examples of Hinterglas (cold painting) is from the 3rd century. Hinterglas gained popularity for its use of brilliant colours and intricate designs.

Bonnie paints in this art form. She seeks her inspiration from Muskoka’s natural environment. It energizes her painting not only with ideas, but also by the way she perceives and applies the paints in soft delicate lines, bold brushstrokes and vibrant colours. She demonstrates vividly that glass painting continues to be a beautiful and vivacious art form seventeen centuries later!



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5 McBride Lane, Bracebridge


Fox and Chickadee
Berry Bear
Winter Watch
Hummingbird Hollies
Too Late the Poppies have bloomed
Bee Free
Forest Dwellers Owl