I have lived in the Georgian Bay area all my life. I have more recently become a seasonal resident in Muskoka. Although I have always had a unique appreciation of the outdoors, and perhaps a more subliminal appreciation of it, over the last few years that has become more concrete and real. I kayak, and hike, and do photography, in this beautiful region, and truly appreciate how remarkable it is. As a self taught artist, I have endeavored to improve my craft daily, and use my explorations of the area as inspiration for my paintings. I paint predominantly landscapes, in acrylic. I love using lots of color, to invoke the emotion from my experiences into my art.



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Port Carling


Red Tree at Rosseau Falls
Best Table at the Musquash
Go with the Flow
Solitary Pride
Roots in my Pathway
Three Little Waterfalls
Hidden Gem
Blue Sky over Whisky Rapids