I am a mixed media artist living and working in Toronto. My process begins with a collage. The backgrounds of my paintings are a variety of memorabilia which began with comic strips from the newspaper. The more I created, the further out I branched. Superhero comics, recipes, scrabble tiles, music sheets, album covers, maps, playing cards, and gum wrappers to name a few.
Once the base is completed, I incorporate the written word with acrylic paint. Intertwining the message and background provide powerful reactions.
Next a colour is selected that best suits the piece and I outline the letters to make them stand out. Using words purposefully is one way to shift the energy we bring into our lives.



(416) 727-3489


Toronto, Ontario


Facts Of Life
Are We There Yet?
The A Team
Juicy Fruit
No Fear
Ms. Streisand
Love At First