After having been born into a family of artists and collectors, with island cottages in Muskoka, is it any surprise it would come natural to Jocelyn to want to carry on the love of these traditions, and make it a dream to live there and become an artist here at MAC?

Jocelyn has spent decades of exploring and combining various mediums until finally “jumping off the cliff” to become a full-time artist/designer …and not only that, but with the #1 goal of creating art with zero waste.

Now, after having won various awards of excellence for Clothing & Design, it seems the world agrees that Art & Fashion & Environmentalism can go hand in hand, which Jocelyn feels is a pretty cool thing to achieve for someone born in ’65.


Upcycled Muskoka Sweatercoats
Upcycled Fingerless Gloves/Armwarmers
Upcycled Denim
Upcycled Fantasy/Festival Coats
Upcycled Ponchos
Upcycled Jewellery
Upcycled Custom
Me and my show truck ready for the next show!