Noémie L. Côté – Fine Art Landscape Painter


Immerse in Noémie L. Côté’s vibrant world, where her sugar-pop palette breathes life into expertly crafted landscapes. Specializing in open-impressionist scenes, her impasto strokes defining emotional landscapes with blown glass brilliance. Amid chaos, Noémie finds solace in portraying nature’s soothing beauty, whether plein-air painting in Canada’s serene parks or capturing morning light on a lake. Her full-time Ottawa studio is a creative haven, and her acclaimed work graces galleries like Butter Gallery, Koyman Galleries, Crown & Press, and Gallerie Bloom. Explore her website and sign up to her newsletter for a comprehensive collection, inviting you to see the world through the eyes of this extraordinary artist.



(613) 859-6130


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You can find my work in these galleries:
Butter Gallery
Galerie Bloom
Koyman Galleries
Crown & Press


Lily Pad Dance
Summer Dock
Autumn Symphony
Windswept Pine
Twisted Pine
Autumn's Glory
Dawn of Hope