Treetop Custom Woodworking


Treetop Custom Woodworking is owned by Celina Champagne who builds solid wood furniture and decor.

Celina studied heritage carpentry and joinery where she learned a variety of modern and traditional building methods. There she studied a wide variety of skills including traditional restoration, building doors and windows, timber framing, replicating traditional trim and architectural details.

All of the wood she uses is local and sustainably sourced. Celina and her partner Will mill most of the wood themselves. Each piece is carefully selected to reveal the woods natural beauty.

“Being a part of the whole process creates a special understanding and connection with the piece. Every piece of wood was once alive and has a story to tell.”


Elmwood Tree-to-table
Elm and Epoxy Corner Table
Triple Ash Table
120 year old pine cookie with bowties
Maple Cookie and Epoxy Charcuterie Board
Scrap Wood Knife Block
Spalted Birch Table
Eastern Red Cedar Serving Boards