Art isn’t limited to one subject or one thing… Whether it be a landscape, a still life or a
person, they all tell a story and I want to capture that. What I love most about being an
artist is that I have the freedom to express myself through nature, fashion and vivid colours in oil which truly resonate with me.

My most current series is an exploration and a celebration of women in their daily lives.
It is a snapshot in time capturing the uniqueness of each individual and their choice of pets, fashion and accessories.



(905) 407-6844




Bouguet de Roses 48"x60" oil on canvas
L'Arlequin 36"x48" Oil on canvas
A Breath of Fresh Air 36"x48" Oil on canvas
“Petit bateaux” is 30” x 20” oil on canvas
Le petit déjeuner´ is 24’’ by 36’’ oil on canvas
“ Pretty in pink’ is 30” by 24” oil on canvas
Le Delice de L'Hiver 48"x30" Oil on canvas
Les Piroques 48"x24" Oil on canvas