Brian Markham-Limberlost Woodturning


Brian Markham is inspired by the rugged forests and natural beauty of Muskoka. Brian’s woodturning transforms bark-covered burls into one-of-a-kind live-edge functional art. The character, imperfections, bark inclusions and detailed figuring are all visible in the finished platter, bowl or table.

Brian believes that the art in your home tells a story about you and what you value and love. An appreciation of hand crafted burl art speaks of your connection to nature and the artistic process.

Contact Brian to arrange for a visit to his workshop or come to the Artists of the Limberlost Art Show on August 28-29, 2021.

The MAC Maker Mark is a designation given to artists and craftspeople producing work in Muskoka. When you see the MAC Maker Mark you can be confident that the work you are buying was made right here in Muskoka and that you are supporting a local artist.


Perfection of Imperfection, Big Leaf Maple Burl Platter 17.5” round x 3” deep
Muskoka Depths- Maple Burl Bowl 17.5” round x 4.5” deep
Crimson Beauty Eucalyptus Burl Bowl 12.5” x 9” x 1.75” deep
Redwood Wonder, Redwood Burl Platter 13” round x 1.5” high
Nature’s Wonder- Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl 14" high x 5" high
Forest Connection- Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl $500 14” round x 5.5” high
Maple Blossom- Maple Burl Bowl 7” round x 2” high
Yellow Birch Burl Cheese Board 14” round x .5” deep with a hand-turned knife 10.5”