Dan Kangas creates large wall mounted driftwood sculptures from his home studio in Horseshoe Valley. Canadian wildlife  with a bit of a twist, nothing new and everything old. Originally from North York, Dan graduated in Industrial Design at Ontario College of Art in 1984 and for the past 30 years has made a living as an illustrator, mostly digital images created for  advertising and design studios. Recently, Dan has taken his design experience in a new direction, hands on building with driftwood and unusual materials, repurposing vintage tools and artifacts. Award-winning art for your home and cottage.

The MAC Maker Mark is a designation given to artists and craftspeople producing work in Muskoka. When you see the MAC Maker Mark you can be confident that the work you are buying was made right here in Muskoka and that you are supporting a local artist.



(905) 726-4226


Horseshoe Valley and Kearney, Ontario


Reel Bass
Owl, MAC Peoples Choice winner 2019
Maple Leaf
Black Bear
Jumping Bass