Janet Taylor


Janet’s paintings are explorations of the poetry of gesture and the possibilities of materials, including acrylic, graphite, pigment and crayon. She uses a visual language that is an expression of not just the world around her, but interactions, time, sound, data, even narrative—the visual residue of her engagement with the world and its stories. Her work translates experience and thought into richly layered paintings with a resonant sense of place.

Following her BFA, Janet pursued a career in graphic design, interactive media and photography, all of which inform her work today. In 2016 she returned to the studio and has been building her practice since. Her work is in collections in Canada, the US, the UK, and Bermuda.


This Storied Place
May Dream
June Dream
Midnight in the Garden
I Hope We Get to Cry
Marsh Light I
Spring Came Early That Year