Frank Drinkwater has been spinning wood bowls since 2019 in the hopes of creating the perfect larger than normal salad bowl. He now has specialty wood turning tools and can turn 30″ diameter bowls
Along the way he found that cracked or disfigured pieces of timber could be embellished with resin and turned on the lathe to produce artistic pieces and he now dedicates a large portion of time creating wood and resin bowls made from burls, fruit woods and hardwoods found across Ontario with high quality resins that are custom coloured to enhance and beautify the wood.
Working from his home-based shop in Bracebridge, Frank creates pieces all year long and offers them for sale at art galleries and markets across Muskoka during the summer months



(705) 641-9254


45A Milton Street
Bracebridge ON


Shaping a resin/wood bowl
22" walnut bowl
Nested cherry bowl set
Maple Burl with resin
Apple wood with resin & ash charcuterie board
Manitoba Maple
Burls with resin
18" Walnut