Adam Kowalski


I emigrated from Britain in 1952 when I was 3 months old, with my parents who chose to come to Canada as the best option given them. They felt that being Polish they would give us a better chance to grow up with the least amount of discrimination. Growing up I was always involved in art, although my mum warned me of starving as an artist. I chose to go to Sheridan College for Technical Illustration as a compromise for my mum. Graduated in 1977 and started my career with a display firm. A little later I started working for a large company with Government Contracts. I worked for 20 years as an Illustrator, then another 20 as a Writer/Illustrator. I retired at 65 and started where I left off 40 years ago.



(647) 213-6728


1046 Clarence Drive (PVT) Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1X3


Adam in his Studio
Alone Again
On The Range
Sandhill Crane
Seeing Eye To Eye
Snow Leopard