Sophie Kae is an artist based in Port Carling, the hub of the lakes of Muskoka. She specializes in abstract mixed media art that is inspired by the rugged beauty of the landscape that surrounds her.

Sophie is able to draw upon her professional past, demonstrating a high degree of technical acumen, coupled with an intuitive sense of composition in her work.

Sophie utilizes a wide range of materials, and her novel approach to her art captures the interplay between textures, layers, organic shapes and a neutral palette.

With her distinctive style, Sophie Kae strives to create striking and evocative art that straddles the line between the real and imagined, inviting viewers to engage with her unique visual language…inspired by earth.



(705) 801-9595


4 West Street,
Port Carling


'Cryptic Copper' 30"×30"×1.5" Polymer Clay, Embossed Paper, Texture Paste, Copper Leaf on Canadian Birch Cradle Board
'Precarious' 24"×36"×1.5" Polymer Clay, Embossed Paper, Copper Leaf on Canadian Birch Cradle Board
'Tumbling Trail' 24"×36"×1.5" Polymer Clay, Embossed Paper on Canadian Birch Cradle Board
'Luminescence' 18"×36"×1.5" Polymer Clay, Embossed Paper, Aluminum Wire on Canadian Birch Cradle Board