Shanandoah Kidd


Inspired by the ‘big nature’ of Muskoka landscapes, I love to explore all things clouds, trees and lakes. My work focuses on landscapes and abstractions of the various forms within. I am amazed by the creations of our natural world and I love to explore them through colour and shape. When I am not painting, I am swimming, kayaking or cycling. My regular job is as a teacher and I love teaching. I am always inspired by my students. I love helping them grow their creativity.

The MAC Maker Mark is a designation given to artists and craftspeople producing work in Muskoka. When you see the MAC Maker Mark you can be confident that the work you are buying was made right here in Muskoka and that you are supporting a local artist.



(705) 706-1509


Sparrow Lake, Gravenhurst


Abstract # 19
Secret Cove